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kolmapäev, 2. juuli 2008

Mina olen siin! / I´m here! whinchat ( Saxicola ruberta)

Täiskaader. Täksidel on käsil tõsised vaidlused territooriumide piiride koha pealt.

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Anna 2. juuli 2008 20:30  

Pretty photos. I don't understand what you wrote. Finnish is very difficult language ;-). I speak German and Polish. Do you write in this languages?

Anonüümne 2. juuli 2008 21:32  

Hi, Anna!
Actually I don´t speak finnish... =D
My native tongue is Estonian.
I add titles in English (and Estonian too!), but sometimes I don´t get round to do this, but I try.
May be you think, that I might be wrote photo-stories in English (or german)? my English isn´t exellent, and I need dictionary sometimes.
(Actually I may write in German, but I´dont speak it very well...)

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